January 9, 2020


A long-distance trail through diversity.


  • Total length: 270 km
  • The total difference in altitude: 7163 m ascent and 7163 m descent
  • Total number of stages: 16
  • Average stage length: 17.5 km (4–5 hrs)

THE JULIANA TRAIL – the whole circle

New long-distance hiking trail

A trail that does not conquer mountain tops but leads you in a respectful distance of the peaks along the edge of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. It takes you where you will feel the true pulse of life in the Julian Alps and learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent and astonishing alpine world that abounds in biodiversity.

To find, walk, learn and explore the unknown diversity, to offer and use what is unknown to others; this is a trail to which you are invited and which can draw your attention back to the originality and simplicity of life. This is a trail of personal pilgrimage to oneself, to pristine nature and its magical beauty, in the diversity of landscape and in biodiversity, in hidden and unknown places for meditation and in places with magical power (rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, exceptional trees, colourful flowers, rocks of unusual shapes), and in culinary, cultural, settlement and historical peculiarities.

In this sense, the Julian Alps provide a rich cache of unexploited opportunities. Beauty that takes your breath away. A place where you can enjoy views that are meant just for you! A place where we can prove that we have not forgotten nature and we have preserved it for all of you who decide to get away from the rumble of the tourist alpine trails. This new trail will not challenge your ability to conquer mountain peaks, but it will challenge you to find your role in relation to nature and responsible tourism.

The Juliana Trail seeks different heroes – those that aspire advancement in their spirit as well as altitude. The Juliana Trail is a fairly non-demanding, educational, circular trail that from the end of September 2019 will invite you to discover, learn and experience barely noticeable small natural wonders that can bring about an unusual feeling called happiness.


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