July 5, 2019


Climate crisis

Evening will start with a talk on astronomy (detailed below) at 8 pm by prof. Tomaž Zwitter from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. Weather permitting, the talk will be followed by practical astronomical observations, to be led by Klemen Čotar. In case of bad weather we shall stay inside and show how Solar and Lunar eclipses occur, what are the phases of the Moon and planets, make a simple telescope or show how the ionic propulsion works. The event will end at 10:30 pm.

In the beautiful environment of Bohinj and Vogel it is easy to claim that our planet is in a good shape. But it is not. Recent measurements clearly show that the climate is changing at a pace never seen in the last tens of thousands of years. An obvious explanation is a rapid rise of greenhouse gas concentrations which match the amounts released by industry and transport. Rapid climate changes have been accompanied by mass extinctions in the past. But now it is for the first time in history that the list of endangered species includes also humans or at least our civilization. We are similar to a patient with an X-ray image pointing to a lung cancer, who is claiming that he has no problems and is enjoying life, so he will not visit the doctor. The talk will use some simple numbers to illustrate the situation and what we should do. Conditions elsewhere in the Universe are a warning sign of what can happen if we do not act and start to behave ourselves.

  • Price: 3,5 EUR adults, 1,5 EUR children

Astronomical evenings in summer of 2019

  • 5.  7.  Life in the Universe (Center TNP Bohinj)
  • 27. 7. – Alternatives to rocket propulsion for space travel (Vogel)
  • 24. 8. – Black holes in the Universe (Vogel)
  • 31. 8. – Climate crisis (Center TNP Bohinj)

Astronomical events are organised by Triglav National Park and Žičnice Vogel d.d.


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